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Zara and Mike are ‘down-to-earth-parents’

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Parental Coaching | 0 comments

I was absolutely delighted to write an article for Express Online this week.

Focusing on how Zara and Mike Tindall are ‘down-to-earth parents’ – and around how the royal couple have allowed their daughter Mia to ‘be a child’.

I have recognised and commented that Zara and Mike have used their experiences and knowledge based on their own upbringings, to create their family lifestyle – and it’s so admirable and wonderful to see.

It’s evident to see, they have built a strong connection with their eldest child Mia Tindall, allowing them to parent in a positive but down-to-earth way. Something that it’s fair to say, can be lost in the world of media, never mind royalty.

Making room for down-to-earth parenting

They have allowed Mia to be a child behind closed doors. This is apparent in her behaviour in public. They have set moderate boundaries from birth, which has become the norm for Mia.

She is aware of her duties and responsibilities as a royal child and has a sense of acceptance, but with the understanding, she can play and be a child in the comfort of their home.

Zara and Mike have a good connection with each other. They have remained consistent throughout their children’s lives, which has had a massive impact on them.

It is vital as parents to embrace a culture of wearing hand-me-downs for their children. Even if it only happens occasionally.

Finding the balance

With the children being royals, wearing hand-me-downs is not a new thing. Wedding and christening gowns have been handed down for generations.

As parents, it’s about finding that balance and having choices, and as a four-year-old, Lena would think it’s probably fun to wear her cousin’s clothing.

Zara and Mike are setting trends and making decisions as a family. They set the tone for their children to embrace new and old things.

Parents educate their children to understand that not everyone is fortunate. Setting a precedent for their children’s futures by encouraging Lena to wear her cousin’s hand-me-downs is ok.

Read the full article here: Zara and Mike Tindall are ‘down-to-earth parents’ – royal couple ‘allow Mia to be a child’ | Express.co.uk

Thank you to AbstractPR for the opportunity to write this article.


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