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“Even the best of mums and dads find it difficult to keep it together”

About Get Real Parental Coaching – Parent COach

Sandra Trew is the parent coach expert behind Get Real Parental Coaching. She is a certified life coach with 30 years of experience. 

Sandra worked in many different areas of the childcare industry, from nursery worker, nursery manager, and international nanny for high-profile families to running her own childcare business, which received an OUTSTANDING status. 

She has also claimed part of the Podcasting world by having her platform to serve and connect with her community. 

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SANdra’s background

Before becoming a parent coach and building this business, Sandra worked in many different areas of the childcare industry, from being a nursery worker, nursery manager and nanny to running her own childcare business.

From being around children and families over the course of decades, Sandra has developed a range of strategies that can bring parents and their kids closer together.

Family dynamics are tough and it can seem impossible to find a route through when you are part of it. However, Sandra has observed these kinds of situations for many years and understands how important it is to be an impartial voice of reason to help resolve issues.

From her own experience of parenthood, she can also relate to the challenges that you may face. It was, in fact, through feeling the overwhelm many parents experience that she decided to make changes to her relationship with her children.

She found herself yelling, repeating herself and constantly telling herself that something had to change.

Just imagine if things could be different

Sandra discovered the power of positive thinking and discipline for her family. From changing her way of thinking and her approach to dealing with disputes, she managed to reach a point where:

Family Meal times

Her children did their share of preparing the table for dinner, served the food up and sat through the meal without squabbling.


Her kids unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned their packed lunches and finished their homework without even being asked!

One on One time

She managed one-on-one time with each of her kids whilst the others went to their grandparents’ or dad’s house.


They let her stay in bed whilst they sorted their own breakfast and got ready for school independently with no drama.

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Utilising these powers to help others in the same situation, Sandra became a parent coach and has not looked back since. Having worked with many families who are now enjoying the benefits of her skills, Get Real Parental Coaching has gone from strength to strength.

What Parents say about Sandra

Sandra has worked with children and parents for many years. We could tell you more but we like to let parents do the talking for her.


Chloe Jessamy

Having a 1-1 with Sandra was exactly what I needed. Someone who listens, gets it all with no judgment. as a single mum I have found it hard to get through some of the challenges with my daughter particularly since she turned 16. I let it all out, and what I got back was a revelation. I uncovered things about me as a parent I didn’t see before, she made me see things from more from my child’s preceptive and most importantly she helped me get my head around the changes I need to make as a parent to a child turning young women. I was mind blown and most of grateful. This was totally worth every min!

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Need a Parent Coach?

If you are no longer happy in your current situation. 

Maybe you have to chase the kids around to get them ready for school. Perhaps meal times are a nightmare. It could be that you never feel like you have quality time with your kids.

Something has to change and that starts with you booking a discovery call with Sandra right now. The next step on your journey could be the one that transforms your home life forever.

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